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About Company

EURORAIL LOGISTICS doo Serbia incorporated in 2012 is a private company with fully foreign capital and its scope of activity is national and international railway freight transportation and industrial shunting.

EURORAIL LOGISTICS doo Serbia is a member of GRAMPET Group (the largest railway consortium from Romania and South-Eastern Europe), which makes us want to carry on the same degree of professionalism and excellence.

Our objective is to become a viable and solid company, based on the sustainability of durable and reliable partnerships.

In order to satisfy our clients’ needs, EURORAIL LOGISTICS doo Serbia together with the other companies from the group have a fleet of 10,000 wagons and 300 locomotives:


  • Electric locomotives LE 5100 KW
  • Electric locomotives LE 4300 KW
  • Electric locomotives LE 3400 KW
  • Diesel-electric locomotives LDE 2100 HP
  • Diesel locomotives DA 1250 HP
  • Diesel-hydraulic locomotives DHC 1250 HP
  • Diesel-hydraulic locomotives DHC 570 HP


  • Tank wagons specialized for carrying oil and petrochemical products series Zas, Zaes, Zag
  • Open wagons specialized for carrying bulk products series Eacs, Eaos
  • Self-unloading open wagons specialized for carrying coal series Fals, Fabls
  • Platform wagons specialized for carrying containers series Rgs, Sggrs
  • Wagons specialized for carrying grains series Uagps
  • Covered wagons specialized for carrying pallet merchandize series Habis
  • Wagons specialized for carrying keystone and quarry aggregates series Eakkmos, Faccpps
  • Covered wagons specialized for carrying metal sheet rolls series Shimms

As it has all the necessary resources at its disposal, EURORAIL LOGISTICS doo Serbia guarantees individualized packages of services, according to the strictest requirements, and at the same time aiming to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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